Monetae: a new Exchange generation

Finanzen The places for trading fiat currency and cryptocurrency, known as Exchange, have been a valuable tool for users of the world of cryptocurrency. They have played a pioneering role in the early days of the blockchain and cryptocurrency and have fulfilled an essential mission for the development of the entire world community.




Renaissance Hotel Zürich

Friday, December 1st 2017, 18:30

Conference about Blockchain philosophy
and exchange market

Drinks and Canapés at discretion

These Exchange have a policy based on the use of fictitious accounts and the reflection of the balances of the users from the calculation on the operations carried out with cryptocurrency. The price of crypto currencies, although they are usually adjusted, always have a margin used by the Exchange to obtain small profits on the sale. The operations are usually very oriented to accounting notes in the user’s account on the increase or decrease of cryptocurrencies.

So far, this type of cryptocurrency exchange systems has worked well and have marked the beginning of this type of markets, but their characteristics and form of operation will be insufficient in the coming years. We must consider that these systems have tried to use conventional banking techniques for the management of crypto account. But the world of blockchain is much broader and diverse, the products, derivatives and services associated with them are different from those of the conventional banking world to which the current Exchange have tried to emulate.


The reality experienced in 2017 with the appearance of forks and airdrops, users without knowledge whose sole intentions were to buy assets or cryptocurrencies, or the attempts to unite conventional payment systems associated with debit cards with the world of cryptocurrencies, suggests us a much more varied and sophisticated panorama for the products and services that are going to. The time has come to launch a new generation of Exchange, taking advantage of the good that we have already learned, launch new services that reality has revealed as indispensable.

This new generation should be attached to the characteristics of the blockchain technology, contemplating its singularities, the enormous variety of products and services that it raises, much wider than the conventional banking, and follow the distributed blockchain philosophy, where the consensus draws the decisions of these systems.

Monetӕ is the first development of a new generation of Exchange, which will integrate in a natural and inclusive way the real world and the virtual world, which will offer services adapted to the new reality of the world of cryptocurrency and will seek profitability for its owners using mechanisms of consensus and governance, using the best of the real world, but taking advantage of all the new possibilities that blockchain provides.

Airdrops, forks, launch of ICOs, generation of smart contracts, management of fiat accounts and digital currency accounts, availability of balances, etc., is just the beginning of the entire new range of services that will include this new generation Exchange.

Welcome to Monetae. A new generation of Exchange.